An Apostolic Ministry to the Nations

Rom 1:5, "For we have received grace and apostleship for obedience to the faith among all nations for His name."

The apostolic work is growing and bearing fruit in the nations.

South America Ministry Trip - Oct/Nov 2016!

A meeting of 60 leaders ready to plant multiple house churches
A meeting of 60 leaders ready to plant multiple house churches in South America 2016
Apostolic leaders from Peru and Chile in Ecuador with apostles Alberto and Paul from SHILOH Australia
Apostolic leaders from Peru and Chile in Ecuador with apostles Alberto and Paul from SHILOH Australia 2016
Commissioning of an apostle in Santa Marta Colombia 2016
Graduates of discipleship course one in Spanish in Santa Marta, Colombia 2016
Ministry in Chile, South America 2016
Open air church meeting on Sunday morning South America 2016
Seminar in Curacavi Chile 2016
Seminar in Curacavi Chile 2016
Teaching on the Son of God and Apostleship with Leaders in South America 2016
We have been able to get multiple copies of Apostles Today (Apostoles Hoy) printed in Spanish, in Ecuador
With a small group of apostolic leaders in Guayaquil South America
With a small group of apostolic leaders in Guayaquil South America 2016

As an apostolic ministry we are reaching into over 50 nations.

We are dedicated to be obedient to the commission, and see every nation reached with the gospel of Jesus the Messiah.

Listen to our September 2016 School on Spreaker. You can preview the first session here.

Discipleship Revival

Obeying the Command of Jesus

 From an apostle Ministering through several Nations in West Africa:

God was fully involved and really used us to reach out to the brethren, the impart, the grace, and anointing was so divine and awesome, in fact we had the visitation of God, we were anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power, even a Muslim sheik  did confess that he now believe that Jesus is God, not as he taught before a prophet. I had a long chat with him concerning faith issues, the Holy Spirit touched and convicted him to believe in Jesus. And again a Jehovah Witness woman attempted to speak to me about her faith and by the help of the Holy Spirit she was humbly addressed with scriptures on the Divinity of Christ, and she now got the real truth, the revelation, she finally confessed that Jesus is God without arguing after her eyes were opened to true doctrine. Indeed our Lord JESUS is true GOD!

Also some testimony of a disciple raising the dead!

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Do you want to know Jesus

**** JANUARY 2017 ****



Habakkuk 2:14 adequately describes the central target of God's will in the earth. "For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of YAHWEH [the Eternal One] as the waters cover the sea." This is confirmed in Numbers 14:21, where YAHWEH said, "But as truly, as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of YAHWEH." God made this statement in the midst of His people refusing to obey Him and to enter into the Promised Land.

Isaiah 11 is a marvellous chapter concerning Messiah and many wonderful promises, and in the midst of it, the Scripture says, "For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of YAHWEH as the waters cover the sea" (v.9b). God has never veered from His grand purpose for His creation and Ephesians 3:11 says, "According to the eternal purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord." Christ has accomplished the victory, but now the church is to grow up into maturity and come to the knowledge of the mystery and thereby make known "the manifold wisdom of God to the principalities and powers in the heavenlies" (v.10).

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Shiloh Centre Toowoomba

Shiloh Centre is a discipleship, training and resource Centre to the body of Christ.
We are open most days of the week and there is often something on that you are welcome to be a part of.

What's on at Shiloh?


SHILOH November Training Weekend 2016

November Community Weekend 2016


January 2017

Notes on all the teachings will be available soon!

International Apostolic Training School

*La Escuela Espanol*

Julio 2016

La Escuela Apostolica Internacional

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Reaching Australia

 Watch Rob Cochrane, an apostle of Jesus Christ give testimony of his mission up in Northern Australia - January 2016!

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