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Some weeks ago we were communicating with apostle George Muteti, who is based in western Kenya, encouraging him to call a meeting of apostolic leaders who relate to us and who receive the doctrine that we teach. Then the Lord Jesus put it in our hearts that we should go and join them in such a meeting. This became an exciting reality and in a short time we were in Kenya. God confirmed the trip by us finding airfares at a reasonable price and a number of brethren giving us gifts of finance to help us do the trip. As well our brethren in Kenya were extremely co-operative, agreeing to host seminars and to be in attendance at a special four day retreat that was hosted by George and Gladys Muteti in their home at Kipkaren.
We were on the ground only fourteen days, from 25th March to 7th April. We did two day seminars in Kisumu, hosted by Dr Maurice and Margaret Arao; in Kakamega, hosted by apostle Peter Akeck and his team; in Webuye area at the Children's Home, hosted by Andrew and Kathleen Wafula; in Nakuru, hosted by apostle Charles Akimu and his wife Beatrice; in Kangemi hosted by apostle Dorcas and apostle Peter and Tabitha Gatumbi. In between Webuye and Nakuru we were in the four day retreat at Kipkaren.


All of the seminars were well attended, with some pastors and ministers travelling long distances to be in the meetings. A brother came from Arusha, Tanzania, to Kangemi; a brother from Goma, DRC; Daniel Ouma joined us from Musoma, Tanzania, and spent eight days with us; and brethren came from faraway places in Kenya such as Magori and Kisii.

Travelling on team

It was a great blessing to have Kunle Oguntuase from Lagos, Nigeria, to be on team with us for eight days, including the retreat. For the whole trip apostles joined us on team: Dorcas Kamau was with us for the whole trip and thank you Dorcas for your devoted service and valuable friendship; Peter Akeck hosted us from the airport in Kisumu to when he left us at the end of the ministry in Nakuru. Apostle Salamba again joined us for a considerable part of the ministry time and provided transport for the team. We were blessed to meet brother Jim and Sherry Lindsey from USA. They minister in Kenya for months each year, but it was our first time to be in fellowship with them.

Left: Kunle Oguntuase from Lagos, Nigeria

The word of God that was released to the brethren was as follows:
Thrust out workers
It is time for the harvest, and according to Jesus in Matthew 9:38-39 & Luke 10:2, Jesus is ready to 'thrust out' workers into the harvest. The word that is translated 'send' in those verses is a strong word. It is time to be pushed out into the work.

Fill the earth

This word was in line with the emphasis that came from Genesis 1:28, "Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, subdue it and have dominion over all that God has made". God was showing us that the apostolic restoration that is going ahead strongly in Kenya is now up to step three: TO FILL THE EARTH. The apostles who relate to us in Kenya have been fruitful and are multiplying through sons that they have faithfully raised, but now it is time to fill the earth. Only then can the church come to step four, which is to subdue the enemy in the earth. There needs to be sons of the kingdom planted in all the world (Matt.13:38).

New Testament Revival

These words were in the context of activating revival in Kenya. God had shown us that from one perspective, the New Testament is the record of a world-wide revival that began in Galilee and Jerusalem and is still reaching to the ends of the earth today. There are three obvious aspects of that revival that if imitated today will see a further release of that great revival of the new covenant and the kingdom of God throughout the earth.
The three aspects are: Jesus purposely raised apostles; Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to empower the apostles; and the apostles went out everywhere preaching Jesus the Christ.

The Table of the Lord

The word went forth with power. We presented the Table of the Lord in every place and remarkably awesome things happened: a man gave his heart to Jesus in response to the word shared at the Table - examine yourself (1Cor.11:28 & 2Cor.13:5); another brother reported that he received a significant physical healing after receiving the body and the blood of the Lord by faith; a young man in Tanzania received deliverance when his mother gave him the Table of the Lord, being instructed by Rev Daniel Ouma who was on team with us. The young man was dying from the demonic effects of witchcraft, but he was set free and the demons were expelled as he took the Table of the Lord by faith.

Left: Rev Daniel Ouma from Tanzania

The Oracles of God

God is opening a new realm of authority. The Scripture says, "After these things I looked, and behold the inner sanctuary of the Tabernacle of Testimony was opened" Rev.15:5. The 'oracles of God' is that word that comes forth from above the Mercy Seat, from the very presence and essence and person of God Almighty (Ex.25:22, Num.7:89). Also Revelation 11:19 speaks of the Temple of God being opened in heaven and the Ark of His Covenant was seen in His Temple. As this word, the very oracle of God, is released, things happen.

Ephesians 3:8-11 coming to pass
On the second day of the first seminar held in Kisumu, Paul began his presentation by leading the brethren in an extended period of making strong declarations of the word of God over the city of Kisumu, the province of Nyanza and the nation of Kenya. It was one of those times when the Holy Spirit was leading us powerfully. On that same day Paul was received amazingly by a visiting apostle and Matthew 10:40 was fulfilled: in receiving an apostle, they received Christ Jesus and the revelation of the Father in Him. Then it was reported to us the next day that the President of Kenya had dismissed 20 senior Government leaders for corruption. Apostle Richard saw this as the inevitable effect of receiving an apostle. Truly God is releasing His word with authority and power. Are you ready to receive it?

Further testimony

Joshua Otieno reported: Esther Akhaso testified in our house that she had had persistent joint pains in both legs but after attending the meeting by Apostle Paul Galligan and Janet in Kakamega ,after some few days she was surprised that the pain was no longer there, she is healed. Surely these signs shall those who believe. Mark 16:17-18.

Beatrice Akimu from Nakuru was part of the retreat with her husband Charles. She had longed to be able to speak in tongues, and during the time of heavy visitation of the presence of Jesus the Christ in the midst of the retreat, when we were all kneeling on the floor crying and worshiping Him, Beatrice found herself speaking in tongues, Hallelujah!

Paul and Janet Galligan with Charles and Beatrice Akimu

Church leaders working together

In the apostolic based in Kangemi, the leadership team that are all trained to teach the word in apostolic classes; there are ministers from 10 different denominational groupings. They are all serving together in true unity of spirit and the faith (Eph.4:3 & 13). Some of the ministers have opened their church congregations to receive an apostolic teacher on the Sunday morning and the brethren in the churches are being taught from one to two hours every Sunday.

Teaching others, 2Tim.2:2

A number of the apostles are working through the advanced discipleship course with us online. They in turn are teaching others. Apostle Charles Akimu in Nakuru, has a class of 15 ministers from various church affiliations, meeting monthly to receive the doctrine of the apostles. He sends the teachings to others in faraway places.

Embracing Prophets

It was significant on this trip to commission Joshua Otieno, from Busia, to the ministry of prophet. Joshua was part of the four day retreat as well, and flows marvellously with the apostles. In Nakuru, we met a precious brother who is a prophet and is leading a prayer movement in Kenya. He had come into contact with apostle George Muteti and then after meeting with us in Nakuru and Kangemi, asked to be received into the company as a prophet. We were blessed to receive him and embrace him. He now wants to use our materials for teaching and training.


Helen Jervis and Miriam Truss went on mission to Uganda in late January and served for three weeks there with apostle Wilson Kitondekigya. They were ministering in apostolic schools and classes and seminars in various places. Brother Wilson has a number of apostolic sons who have established schools and classes in various places. Their ministry included being with Jovan Balikoowa in Iganga area.

Mission from Kenya: in late April, apostle Charles Akimu, prophet Joshua Otieno and pastor Francis have gone into Uganda to minister for a few days and Jovan is joining with them.

Apostle Paul Galligan and apostle Wilson Kitondekigya

Report from Wilson

We are in submission and obedient to Matthew 28,18-20 Making disciples in nations
In Zana. Base Every Monday Apostolic school has picked so well other committed leaders have joined from other churches or communities , we see a continual working of God which to us a sign of being called .

From Wilson Kitonde, who is still in USA:

Been having more training and sharing the apostolic doctrine here in Oklahoma, more relationships development, now in Kentucky have spent most of my time in the house of Bruce, and other homes that are opening, visited few churches, received well in homes. I will also visit Jeff and Anita on 25-26th. Then on 29th travel home.
The mission in USA is fruitful as homes have been receiving the apostolic revelation and some churches opened up for ministry; trusting the Father.


No one has visited Tanzania since 2009. However for the last few years apostle Samuel Asani, from DRC has been teaching and preaching the apostles doctrine in western Tanzania in the Kigoma region. Prior to this recent time, Samuel was a refugee in this region, living in a Congolese refugee camp. He repatriated in late 2008, to DRC, but has returned to Tanzania with his family and he is living and ministering in Tanzania.
Samuel is a well trained teaching apostle.

Daniel Ouma of Musoma: in 2015 Daniel travelled to Blantyre, Malawi, to meet with apostle Nick Jackson and to receive the teaching of the apostles. He was radically blessed and changed, and after returning to his home for a few days, he travelled to Kenya and joined Paul and Janet Galligan on team.

Arusha: a group of pastors in Arusha have been receiving apostolic teams from Kangemi, Nairobi. They have been meeting each month for three days this year. Teams of apostolic teachers come down from Kenya. We understand that the pastors come from different church affiliations.






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