Simo Kahri in northern Europe

Simo Kahri who was with us for two and a half years and who returned to Finland in late November 2013, has been continuing energetically in ministry in Finland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia and one trip to Albania. As you probably know, Simo married in late June last year and his wife mostly travels with him in the ministry.


Above: Katri and Simo Kahri

From Simo in Finland:

God is good all the time. Jesus is alive in the midst of us. Things are moving on and we are keeping busy. We had wonderful time in St. Petersburg with Katri. I got to preach as well in Passover meeting in Kuivasi village. Preached the resurrection from the dead. People in that group are really well receiving the word.
Yesterday we were in Helsinki in the meeting with Russians. That was great time too. We also keep meeting at Tampere every Wednesday. Last week I spoke about the biblical house church. It was well received and also it caused many questions and great discussion. It is great to see that even some elder believers are very open for this original way of running the congregation even though they are not used to idea. Home meetings have always been there but not in the understanding that that can be all we need. We are also getting ready to go again to Russia this coming week. We will start the trip on Thursday. Going to Priozersk and Kondopoga which is far on the north. That will be a lot of driving. We trust that God will give us strength. Welcome home to Paul and Janet. Blessings in the name of Jesus! Simo
Prayer request from Simo: Finlands elections for parliament were held over the weekend. Very critical for nations failure. Please take time to pray at SHILOH.


From Left: Simo Kahri, Finnish friend and Janne Markus


Report from Simo 9/10/2014

Greetings in the name of our Dear Lord Jesus the Christ.
We have now returned back to Finland from our 2 month period in other nations. First 7 weeks in Russia and then 3 days in Estonia and one week in Latvia. Again we have learned a lot and experienced alot. We are thankful of how well God looked after us all the way through. We didn´t have any big difficulties. At least afterwards it feels like everything went very smoothly. Thanks for your prayers. The prayer of the righteous can do much.
Our time in Estonia and Latvia was exellent. We had two days of meetings in Tartu Estonia. We were sharing the vision for Europe. Many have seen the same thing how the last move of God in Europe will spread through Estonia and Baltic nations to all Europe. Also brought in timely teachings for the church in Europe. About holiness etc. There were many who responded well to the word but at the same time we saw that there were some barriers of pride etc that God has to brek through but we were able to witness some healing and deliverance there as well. There has been real fresh anointing lately which brings specially inner healing and deliverance where ever we been. It is interesting all of sudden the presence of the Holy Spirit comes strongly and these things start to happen.
In Latvia we stayed in the place called Jelgava. We had a contact there through the church in St. Petersburg. It is a group mainly ladies. All of them seem to have somewhat broken lives and need lot of healing. They received teachings very well and we were able to go little bit further with them revealing the biblical pattern of the church. We also visited little place called Gardene where there is a big church center where we will be able to stay as well in the future. They got all exited about the word and the vision for Europe and the leader Maria also gave me a word of encouragemend to keep sharing the vision everywhere and how all the nations in Europe will open. We are seeing it happening praise the Lord! There is alot of poverty and other problems in Latvia. It´s alot behind Russia or Estonia. In the future we wanna also bring them some material help as we go and preach the word. We have plans to visit Latvia again quite soon.
Now the spiritual hunger in Latvia is great specially in the little villages where there is no church. We ministered in one willages and the house were packed. People were repenting from their sins. There was one old lady delivered from Alcohol and one invalid person who were healed and is now walking well. We see that we need to go back to that willage and help them further. We are planning to make another trip on november. Also we need to go to Russia on november to start a bible school with pastor Aleksey in Priozersk. We are seeking God how we do in the future wether we do more long periods in Russia or is it better to do shorter periods but more often. It all depends how things will go in Finland now as well.

Report from Simo 1/11/2014

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus.
Lot of good and interesting activity happening in Europe. In two weeks time we are heading to our Latvian trip. We need to be at Riga on the 18th of november where we meet our interpreter Vladimir who comes from Sweden by ship. We also go with a ship to Tallin Estonia from where we drive to Latvia. Its an exellent way to travel from Helsinki to Tallin by those big ships that carry cars and trucks and lots of people. We will stay one week in Latvia and then come back to Finland and maybe stay over night and drive to Russia.
On the 10th of november we are receiving also guests from Priozersk Russia. Brother Stanislav and his wife Natasha. We became friends in 2012 when we visited rehab center in Priozersk with Markus. I gave to Stanislav my RMA business card back then and later on he connected me through internet. He has a beautiful heart to Jesus.
Tomorrow morning there is a day of prayer at th churchbuilding. Im also invited to go and bring a prayer point and lead people to prayer. After that we travel to Kotka to see my parents. I also need to go and get the winter tyres to my car. It will get slippery soon. Winter is near.
We are also living an exiting times in Finland. Please pray for our nation in this important time. On the 14th of november in parliament they are going to wote about the marriage law. We are believing that it will be kept between man and woman in Finland but we need to pray. Actually it´s very exiting since we have at this time very good president and next year there will be election for a parlament and it seems that we are getting a believing prime minister also. Two most liked options are both believing men! Also some bad parties seem to be eliminated from parliament and better ones will come in! If Australia will lead the last move of God from south we believe that certainly Finland will do it from the north! We have decided with Mrko in the house where we stay that now every morning for a season at 8am we raise the flag of Finland up and we pray for our nation. We want to see righteousnes ruling our nation. We sing couple of finnish national songs and also Days of Elijah and He is Lord. Declaring good things over Finland in the name of Jesus.
What else can I tell.. Wednesdays are going just fine people coming receiving the word getting edified. Also Im exiting about coming apostolic training day at Hämeenlinna on the 8th of november.
I have been thinking lately also how thankful I am for you Paul and all the people at Shiloh. Nobody has treated me as well in the ministry and given so much to me. Thank you. Im happy that we can co work even being in the other side of the world.
Many blessings to all
Simo and Katri


Report from Simo 16/10/2014

We have had great time in Finland. God is already moving and opening doors for ministry. We had some guests from Pärnu Estonia last weekend. We found a great connection and had awesome spontaneous fellowship on sunday night at the house where we stay with 12 diciples. These friends share the same heart as we do. We are planning now to get training going on at Pärnu. We are so happy that these friends have promised that we can also use their home as a base in Estonia.

We are now already planning our next trip. It will most likely start around 17th of november. We will first go to Estonia and Latvia for 1 week. Then after that we want to go to Russia for one week as well at this time visiting St.Petersburg and Priozersk. This time going with team that involves Me and Katri, Janne Markus, Mauri and Vladimir and maybe even 6th person but not sure yet.
In the end we still continue to be at the weekly meetings at Mauri´s house. They wanted me to be with them and teach the word. It is quite exiting how there is now some different people than before and how the Spirit of God is opening them up to receive the word. Yesterday there was such a presence of God. One lady testified how she experienced Jesus walking in the midst. There is a spiritual building happening and it seems that the Holy Spirit very sensitively and clearly leads to speak the right word every week. It is a reality of Jesus cleansing His bride with the washing of the water by the Rhema word. It is exiting! Keep praying for as that we remain sharp in the Spirit and only get sharper in Jesus name.
We also need prayers about the future in St.Petersburg. Although many good things happened there we didn´t find so much opening like we did in Priozersk for example. So there is not yet that sort of tie for us to be in St.Petersburg yet. We do have the room though where we can go always when we want. There is also some leaders with whom I want to keep in touch. May the will of God be done that he leads us the right way.
Blessings and glory
Simo and Katri


Report from Simo in Russia 7/04/2015

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus,
We came back from Russia late at sunday night and I am now with my dear wife at my parents place for some days.
This trip again was an exellent show up of the grace of God. We stayed first week at priozersk doing two days of teaching at the bible school, visiting homes, rehabilitation center and meeting in couple villages too. Really good time. Teaching is always received well and people are groving in the faith. This time in Priozersk are also two people came to repentance. Glory to Jesus! It was also good to see one lady who received the baptism of the holy Spirit some months before. She has become very much alive for Jesus. We have now two more months to do the bible school at this time and then Im going to talk with pastor Alexey about how we will continue. Maybe we will have couple months of break at the summer. Anyhow there is already some booking to go to Russia in summer too
After being in Priozersk we went to have one meeting with the saints in Sosnovo. That was surprizingly good visit at this time. The leader there was very helpful toward us and the group even wanted to bless us by offering. Also the teaching about building the church spiritually was received and understood. Glory to God! Also pastor Vladimir helped us with some helpful phone numbers for the future.

The second week we mainly stayed at St.Petersburg. We visited one congregation where we had not been before. Even there we met some old and new friends. On two of the days we ministered to the group led by pastor Ludmila. We had a problem with not having a real interprator but our young sister Luda was able to help little bit with her english. She is getting better though. Im as well learning russian really quick and Markus is learning quick too. God is answering to our prayers. Saturdya night there were 2 ladies coming to repentance as well. It was great to be able to witness that. Only sad thing was that without good interprator I couldn´t explain immersion to them. In Russia in many places they take too long before they immerse the new believers.
The last meeting we had in the place called Kuivasi which is a village near St.Petersburg. We visited there once 3 years ago but at that time we didn´t have big opportunity to share. This time I was called to preach. The group has grown even though many of them Come from the city. The meeting was really good. The leader is great friend and we are invited to visit them often. The message: building the house of God was received well. Actually next weekend they celebrate passover at Russia and I will go with my wife to visit the congregation at Kuivasi and to celebrate with them. Very friendly community. We will go on saturday morning and come back at monday. It´s a little fun for my wife as well.:) Only a short drive from my parents too.
It is a busy time for us. Still 2 Russian trips, one Latvian trip and trip to Ireland before summer. I do enjoy being busy though. We also wanna use our time in Finland well. Settng things in order for Shiloh Europe ministry. Thanks for you continuing support and prayers. You are a real family for us.
Love, blessings and glory in Jesus


Report from Simo in Albania 30/06/2014

Dear Paul and Janet and international Shiloh family,
I found finally this time to get into reporting from Albania. We had very busy week with packing and moving stuff out of the unit and had an apostolic training day again in Hämeenlinna last saturday. Now we are pretty much done with all this and are visiting my parents place.
Our Albanian trip started in very interesting way when we missed the flight from Vienna to Tirana. Our flight from Frankfurt was late and the plane in Vienna didn´t wait for us. We got another flight through Istanbul with Turkish airlines. That was all good since we got to be a good witness to two finnish men who were also going to Tirana. It became very clear for them what who we were and we were able to show them Godly characteristics in a situation where they were getting upset. We arriwed to Tirana about 6 hours later than was the original plan. Brother Eno: Our guide and interpretor was waiting for us with a rented car that we used the whole 15 days.

There is a christian center in Tirana where we were staying in a cheap accomodation with a breakfast. Few different congregations also meet in the christian center. First days we had many meetins with different church leaders in Albania. It was good to get to know them. They did receive us well and were open to have us ministering there. In the end we found out that we did bring them some challenge as well concerning the holy and dedicated lifestyle of a diciple. We saw that there was some slipping to the world happening in the church of Albania. We saw a great need of foundational preaching and teaching. Not much possibility to give strong food yet.

We ended up ministering to many different groups in the following cities and towns: Tirana, Fier, Berat, Burel and some other smaller places that I don´t remember the names of anymore. Main messages were: Jesus our foundation rock, gospel of the kingdom, the kingdom of God, The great commission, Being a diciple, Restoration and revival and so on. We saw great things that God did to confirm his word. we saw some people getting born again, there was people baptized in the Holy Spirit speaking in new tongues for the first time. There was few quite strong deliverances as well. We ministered for many many sick people too so we can know that there was many healings and next time we will get testimonies for sure.

I found it wonderful to be able to preach and teach in English again. There was a great anointing too. Real easiness in preaching. Real flow of the words and revelation. Almost like in Russia! Markus was a good company like he always is. He was able to share a little bit few times and was helping in ministry times. Mainly they wanted just me to speak in the meetings. We made some really good friends who we will co work with in the future: First to mention is brother eno who made a great effort in putting everything together and being an exellent interprator. Fanatstic job! Brother Raju from who is from India but have been living in albania for 7 years with his family. He is a powerful evangelist. He left his job as a professor in university and is fully dedicated to the ministry now. We went out to the park once with Raju and as we gave him example how to pray for the sick in the streets he became totally unstoppable. He is going to make many diciples in the future! Brother Elton was a good contact and friend as well. He has an apostolic call. He travels also to Greece and Macedonia and is willing to take us there in the future.

In Tirana he spents his time dicipling a group of men and helping backslidden peole to come back to Jesus. Brother Hervin, the leader of the bible college and leader of the church of God denomination. Was very happy with us and we with him. We ministered in two of the congregations under that group. They also are welcoming us back.
People in Albania are hungry and willing to go further and even willing to change in most parts. We got very good start now and are willing to invest time and ministry to Balkan nations in the future. We are thinking of returning later this year God willing. When we are not in Russia we can be as well in Balkans!

Some good things happening in Finland as well: Last saturday we had an exellent seminar day again in Hämeenlinna. It has been very fruitful so far and getting even better. People are getting the understanding of the apostolic ministry and getting deeper. I received a great feedback from brother Wille Peetu: He has been getting so much out of the teaching. That has caused himself also to search the website and he has been getting through some manuals checking his foundations. He has been so blessed of the way of teaching that goes right into the point.
Thank you so much for your continuing support! We needed a big miracle for this trip to happen and God was faithful again through His people!




Report from Simo 7/04/2015

It is a busy time for us. Still 2 Russian trips, one Latvian trip and trip to Ireland before summer. I do enjoy being busy though. We also wanna use our time in Finland well. Settng things in order for Shiloh Europe ministry. Thanks for you continuing support and prayers. You are a real family for us.
Love, blessings and glory in Jesus



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