Some reports from the apostolic team in San Antonio Chile in early August, 2015

God is amazing. Ministered Sonship tonight. Beautiful presence of Jesus. About 12 disciples from 10am - 5:30pm reasoning in the school. Thanks to God. Continuing in the temple and breaking bread in the house. They live stream onto television so I am preaching to nations. Word keeps breaking through. Powerful. All glory to Jesus. It is different on this trip, we are with might according to His glorious power. Time for discipleship and establishing. God does great things through the foolishness of preaching.


Breaking Bread in Chile


Some reports from the apostolic team in Lima, Peru, August 2015

In first meeting in Lima, Peru. About 150 in the meeting. Continuing here until Sunday night.
Well received here. Church open and prepared. Both Janet and Yudith shared well last night. Work in Chile was mainly to a new couple and to a few related brethren who gathered with us. All 4 of us staying with pastor and his wife. He is called to be an apostle. Much discipleship happening in the house. Table of the Lord being restored. Last night was hosted to a late evening meal by a group of young people. Was able to share with them regarding Gran Yo Soy [the Great I AM] and lay hands on them.
Sunday meeting in Salvador, Lima. Anointed all the children with oil. Preaching the Word with Alberto - Jesus Christ the only foundation - 1 Corinthians 3:11, Matthew 16:15-18; Acts 2:22-36 & Acts 9:3-22. Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God. Powerful ministry anointing the sick with oil.

Some reports from the apostolic team in Piura, Peru, August 2015

All well in Piura: 3 day intensive school starting this morning. Departure from Lima was blessed as leader and wife made strong commitment.
2nd day of school/seminar going well. Some catching revelation. Some have heard us before and are committed disciples.


Apostle Paul Galligan and Apostle Alberto Florez Granados in Lima, Peru


Some reports from apostolic team in Guayaquil, Ecuador, August 2015

Last night 60 came to hear a teaching on prayer. These are sincere people and they gladly received the word. Yudith did board work.
Busy day here sharing in 6 sessions. Janet did one and Yudith doing great board work and giving summaries in Spanish. A Colombian friend of Alberto of many years ago lives in Ecuador and came to meetings today and loves the teaching. Being transformed.
Three day seminar in Guayaguil grew from 12 first day to 25 by 3rd day. Two of the evening sessions were congregation meetings so quite a few came. Discipleship was the main task for all of our stay there & progress was made in the lives of many.

Some reports from apostolic team in Quito, Ecuador, August 2015

We are now in Quito staying in a nice Inn with a dining room. There are volcanoes nearby and one is erupting. Not too close to the city but it has meant a major program change as we were going to the Sierras to minister. Now doing one day seminar at AOG headquarters. Time in Piura with disciples and sons and some others who opposed the Word. Happy with that time. Colossians 1:11-12 upholding us marvellously.
Having Spanish material is very good.
God is giving us break throughs everywhere, but it is more underground than in the open.


Discipleship class with Apostle Fernando and wife and many disciples in Guayaguil, Ecuador


Pastor Ricardo with the apostolic team in Ecuador




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