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The following report is from Nicholas Jackson, who ministers as an apostle of Jesus Christ to the nations.There are also some reports from brethren who received the apostolic ministry in Southern Africa.

Receive apostles, receive Jesus

Upon arriving in Cape Town, South Africa, apostle Menzi Duka, apostle Ketelo, apostle Andrew Mataka (from Malawi) and Pastor Dana met me at the airport. That evening was the first meeting time in a township called Khayelitsha. I was quite tired from all the travel but as I stood to speak Jesus gave such a flow of revelation of who He is by the Spirit.

Apostle Ketelo told me afterwards that he did not see me teaching the Word, it was Jesus Himself teaching us. Several brethren on that first evening communicated with me that something happened in their spirits that they could not express. Jesus was present from the outset, ministering by His Presence, revealing His glory, bringing forth sons through the preaching and teaching of His Word. I was humbled and amazed at how present Jesus was in the midst of us.

Cape Town

Apostle Menzi Duka and his wife apostle T.D Duka are based in Queenstown but working with apostle Ketelo in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Apostle Ketelo has begun the discipleship courses, having received them from apostle Duka, and students/disciples there are being taught.

In the day time we taught a small number of folk who were available while in the evening having bigger meetings with a number of pastors and leaders being present. The revelation of who Jesus is, revealing Him as the Apostle, the I AM, the Christ and the power of His name were awesome times.

Sharing the message of Sonship was powerful as I believe all came for impartation of the Spirit of Sonship through the laying on of hands.
Ketelo has shared something of the fruit of the visit:

Greetings apostle Nick
It is a great pleasure hearing from you. Your teachings have left a great impartation of studying the Word and is helping the saints in understanding our Lord Jesus Christ deeper.
The attendance of the discipleship classes has increased significantly. There is great excitement and commitment.
You have done great work in Khayelitsha and once again, we thank you so much for obeying the Lord by coming to conduct the seminar here.
Many people are awaiting to hear your profound teachings.
Ketelo, Khayelitsha (RSA)

Glory released in Queenstown

Queenstown is where apostles Menzi and T.D Duka are based. Apostle T.D Duka began Holy Trinity Ministries about 15 years ago there and apostle Menzi began Timothy Apostolic School a few years ago. The apostolic school uses the RMA curriculum, manuals and books, going through the discipleship courses.

Finding Fruit

Andrew Mataka and his son in the Lord, apostle Joseph Kaselera, have both visited and taught the apostles' doctrine in Queenstown and Cape Town several times also. The fruit is evident. When I first arrived in Queenstown for the Sunday meeting, each person that got up to speak or lead in prayers were speaking the Word, the apostles' doctrine. I felt at home!

Challenged to be disciples

The time in Queenstown was so precious as I was received so well as an apostle. In the day time we visited towns up to 100kms from Queenstown - Cathcart, Stutterheim and Tambo Village - teaching the Word. A key message was on "Discipleship" and the characteristics of being a disciple. This brought about repentance, to come out of being only "believers" to actually decide to be true disciples, followers and adherents of Jesus no matter the cost.

The glory fell

The four days of teaching culminated in the final night in Queenstown. I felt led by the Holy Spirit to teach on the Feasts of YAHWEH. Revelation was flowing as people's eyes were opening to the awesome prophetic understanding of how these feasts apply to our lives in Christ. As I came to share on the final feast, the Feast of Tabernacles, there came an awesome sense of God's glory. That we are to move on from the feast of Pentecost and enter the realm of His glory. I then prayed a simple prayer for all of the brethren to receive the glory, "Father, in the name of Jesus, release Your glory".

What happened next was awe inspiring. Something like a wave of God's Presence and Glory was released and at least half the brethren, without being touched by human hands, fell to the ground weeping, interceding, speaking in tongues and calling out on Jesus. He was there releasing His glory. I then went to all those standing and laid hands on them and there was such a strong impartation of the Holy Spirit. It was the "rivers of living waters" being released in the belly of the believers to bring them into the Feast of Tabernacles John 7:37-39. I looked at apostle Andrew Mataka (my fellow labourer and companion in the gospel for this trip) amazed at what was happening. We just realised that apostolic revival is happening!

Deliverance at the Lord's Table on the way to Johannesburg

We travelled on an overnight bus to Johannesburg with Pastor Musa (son in law to apostles Duka) who had been with us in the teaching in Queenstown. In the house in Queenstown we had been practicing having the Lord's Table in the house with the apostles Duka. Apostle T.D Duka even testified to experiencing pain in her chest and shoulder leave her as we prayed for her around the Lord's Table. So Pastor Musa had really caught the revelation of the Lord's Table through the teaching of it and practical experience in the house.

As we were traveling to Johannesburg, Pastor Musa received a call on the phone from a friend of his who had gone to a meeting to hear a so-called "prophet". His friend had gone up to be prayed for by this "prophet" and had received this man anointing him with oil and prophesying over him. Ever since that experience, the friend of Pastor Musa's had been demonically tormented. It happens that many so called "prophets" and "pastors" get their power to do signs and wonders from witchdoctors.

Pastor Musa told his friend that he needed to get some bread and juice and partake of the Body and Blood of Jesus by faith. He explained how the Blood of the Lamb delivered the children of Israel from the Destroyer and that by taking the Lord's Table he would be delivered. This man was obedient and as Musa was leading his friend on the phone to the Lord's Table the man fell on the ground and shook as demons were being expelled from him. He then was filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues. He then partook of the Table and declared he was free!

Trials in Johannesburg

We arrived in Johannesburg to find three pastors waiting for us at the location for the seminar. God actually provided miraculous transport for us to get to the place on time. As we were waiting for a taxi van on the side of a Johannesburg road, a Malawian brother living in South Africa had parked his car 10 metres from us and recognised apostle Andrew Mataka and said he would drive us to the place!

The three pastors who were waiting for us were wanting to ask us questions about who we were, what our agenda was, what our vision was and what we were coming to teach. In South Africa there is a lot of deceiving pastors and they needed to check us out. It was not the welcome we were expecting, however, Jesus gave us grace and opened my mouth to share the Word with them. After some time, the Word was working and they all began to receive.

While small in number the effectiveness in Johannesburg was great. A Pastor from another province came and was very impacted. In late May, apostle Menzi Duka and Andrew Mataka should be going for a week to lay the apostolic foundation and even launch an apostolic school there. Several other pastors from the Johannesburg area were also very impacted. One is starting the online course with me and others are looking to take this gospel forward.

Testimony of South Africa

South Africa was awesome in terms of receiving the apostolic. There is a hunger for the pure gospel. In fact, a phrase that kept being repeated from those receiving the word was "this is the real gospel", "this is the pure gospel". South Africa is ripe and apostle Menzi Duka and T.D Duka are running with the vision. Menzi wants to have a school in every province of South Africa. The Word is running swiftly.

Apostle Menzi shared:
Dear Apostle Jackson,
May peace and grace of God be with you. We thank God for sending you and apostle Mataka to South Africa. Your apostolic teachings have revived us, such that we feel the time was too short. Saints call these teachings a sound doctrine. The second year group is very keen. We started with module "This gospel must be preached", now we are busy with "Walking in our Inheritance". The Lord is helping us. We think we need a South African Apostolic School in Queenstown. May God be with your family,
Apostle Duka


MALAWI - March 2015

The following report is from Nicholas Jackson, who ministers as an apostle of Jesus Christ to the nations.

Beginnings in Dowa, Malawi

From Livingstone we travelled to Dowa, Malawi where we were hosted by a Pastor Limbikani. There was also a pastor who travelled from Kusungu from further north to be with us as well as apostle Steve Kambalazza from Lilongwe. It was a great time of establishing the apostolic doctrine and grounding the brethren there in the first principles of Christ. Pastor Limbikani is starting an apostolic school there using the RMA training manuals. His eyes were opening more and more to the pure gospel!


There were also five wonderful baptisms that were fruit of the time in Dowa. Pastor Limbikani was keenly involved and taking note of how to conduct apostolic baptisms!

Apostolic base in Blantyre, Malawi

Coming to the final four days in Blantyre felt like coming home. Before Deborah Wright came home from her time in Malawi, she had been renting a place in Blantyre where she had also set up a base for the apostolic Resource Centre. Deborah did a great job with the young men in home base of setting up the photocopier and organising the Resource Centre to function.

The house is now occupied by Andrew and his family as well as two young men disciples who live there and it is a hub of apostolic activity.
Pastor Daniel Ouma from Tanzania - noticing the fruit of discipleship

Daniel Ouma from Tanzania is a man that I have been communicating with since last year through email. He is doing the online course. We met through a former secondary school student of his from Tanzania whom I met in Canberra on a southern Australia mission trip. His former student put me in contact with him and the relationship has grown.

Daniel wanted to come to Blantyre to be part of the apostolic teaching and meet us. He arrived two days before Andrew and I arrived and in that time met a number of the young men that Andrew has disciple in the Word and apostolic doctrine. Immediately upon his arrival these young men began to ask Daniel questions regarding the Word.

Daniel said he quickly realised he should just be quiet and listen as he had never met such young men who could speak the Word like these ones! It was a great testimony of the fruit of discipleship that Andrew is doing and also a great testimony of the humility of Daniel Ouma who is a senior man in the church of Tanzania!

Apostolic Revival

I can only say that in Blantyre we experienced apostolic revival. There were 40+ pastors and leaders in the meetings everyday. Some rode their bikes 9 hours to be there. The first day was charged with Holy Spirit power as the word on discipleship was shared. There was such a grace for the brethren to receive even very hard things and Jesus was there teaching us.

On the second day God moved by breaking and cutting us to the heart. I feld led by the Holy Spirit to share on "Preparing for the Coming of the Lord". In this session the Word of God challenged everyone's beliefs in the rapture doctrine as they could see the Word did not really talk of a "rapture" of the church to heaven but that the Word was calling us to see the reality of Jesus' coming. This session lasted two and a half hours but it seemed only a short time.


After this teaching, Daniel Ouma addressed the brethren in the seminar. He began to tell that a number of years ago he had actually been in Musoma, Tanzania, and met apostle Paul Galligan at a seminar. He shared how the brethren there rejected the apostolic word and he did not push in to receive it back then.

He shared how now God had given him a second chance and that he did not want Tanzania to be delayed in the apostolic anymore. He openly wept before the brethren as he asked for prayer for God to forgive him and forgive his brethren for not receiving the apostle when he came. It was so powerful. Jesus came and delivered him but it left all of us in a place of heaviness.

Cut to the heart

In Acts 2:37 it says that on the Day of Pentecost, when Peter preached, those who heard the Word were "cut to the heart" and they cried out, "men and brethren, what shall we do?". I was asking the Lord the same thing, "What do we do?". He showed me that in the last session of the day open it up for repentance and getting right before God.

I shared this with the people that we were just going to worship and anyone who felt they needed to repent before God and come back to the pure, apostolic gospel should do so. Well, everybody agreed and everybody came to a place of repentance, calling on Jesus to help them return to the truth, not teaching lies but reaching the nations with pure Word of God, making disicples.

People wept openly and it was an amazing time in His Presence as we felt Jesus' heart to disciple nations, how much He loves the nations and desires to see "His children walking in the truth" 3 John 4.

Apostles commissioned

By the end of the time we commissioned 5 apostles, as well as many pastors and evangelists. Brethren were so impacted by the Word and are going to start apostolic schools and are committed to give themselves to the work of discipleship. We had three baptisms at the end of the school - an awesome way to complete an amazing trip.

Thanks to Andrew Mataka

Apostle Andrew Mataka was my companion and fellow worker for the whole trip. He is a blessing and carries the heart and vision to reach nations with the apostolic word, ministry and message. We prayed together, sought God together, humbled ourselves before God together and visioned together.

He told me many stories of himself and his disciples, how they have risked their lives bringing the apostolic teaching to different parts of southern Africa. I have much respect for them. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you to continue in "grace and apostleship for obedience to the faith among all nations for His name" Romans 1:5.



Dear Papa Paul, Mum Janet, Nick, Rhoda; Apostolic Company in Australia and brethren in the nations,
The year 2015 seems to be the beginning of Apostolic Revival in the nations. The past years were years of ground breaking to this so called new/strange doctrine despite this doctrine being original from the scriptures. My mission trip to South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Malawi with Apostle Nicholas was Spirit Led, Eye Opener and Challenging.

Spirit Led

Throughout the entire mission trip, Nick and I have been humbling ourselves before God in prayers; seeking God's will before sharing the Word. God was so faithful to us. The LORD spoke through Nicholas according to the needs of the people. Everywhere we went the reception of the Word was so amazing. People gladly received the Word, and those who believed were also baptised. We saw demons being cast out in the name of Jesus and more people testified of receiving healing even after breaking bread.

Eye Opener

May be one may not be able to define a hungry person in the streets until you visit his house. This is what we have learnt on this trip. We were privileged to see by ourselves how hungry people are for the Word of God. Beginning from Cape Town, Queens Town, and Johannesburg in South Africa, as well as Francis Town, and Tselibepikwe in Botswana; Livingstone in Zambia, Dowa and Blantyre in Malawi; in all these places the Spirit of God opened our eyes to see by ourselves how hungry people are for the Word of God. In Blantyre the Spirit of God mourned for the salvation of the people. People cried, and to us that was a true demonstration that God is crying for the salvation of the people. This gospel must indeed be preached. Bishop Vincent Mbewe, now an Apostle; said these words after hearing Nicholas share the Word with authority; "I have preached for 32 years, but I have never heard this; God should forgive us for deceiving people." Both Katebe in Livingstone and Ketelo in Cape Town said this separately; "I feel like gathering the whole nation at one place and hear what I am hearing." Brethren in Queenstown with Apostle Duka, are a very good example of how powerful apostolic doctrine is when it is fully grounded in the hearts of the people. When we were there, they were already speaking the Word.


I have in mind of the place like Thokoza in Johannesburg, South Africa where we had to be asked questions to prove ourselves whether we indeed represent Christ or not before we were allowed to share the Word. Pastors wanted to be sure that they are indeed hosting the right people. We could not speak well of ourselves up until when Nicholas begun to speak the Word. They were all convinced and asked for more time with Nicholas next time.


We are in times of great revival and it is only the apostolic doctrine that will bring hope to the people. God has therefore called us together to fulfil that task. May the Lord Almighty bless Apostle Paul Galligan and Mum Janet, together with the brethren in Australia for sending Nicholas to us. We still need to hear more and hope you will still send Nicholas to us come next year.
God bless you all.
Andrew Mataka,


BOTSWANA - February/March 2015

The following report is from Nicholas Jackson, who ministers as an apostle of Jesus Christ to the nations.

Revelation of Discipleship in Botswana

From Johannesburg we travelled to Francistown, Botswana. On the Sunday evening of arrival we met Pastor Mark Kebelo, a spiritual son of Prophet Chibwe Katebe, who is leading the work there under the ministry of House of Prayer for All Nations. Everywhere we went we were straight into sharing the Word, and on the Sunday evening we shared in the house of Jesus the Christ.

The sphere enlarging

The following day a sister, who is called as an apostle, Thandiwe Morupisi, came with her husband, Prophet Morupisi, to the house. We spent 2 or 3 hours with them, sharing the apostolic message, hearing from them and seeing their hearts for the pure gospel. They have seen the pitfalls of people looking for power and they have a heart to really teach the Word and to begin to really make disciples.

Thandiwe is doing the online course with me and we were able to leave them with lots of material to start using in making disciples. They have a congregation of about 600 people. More doors are opening in Botswana.

Discipleship - breaking through culture

That night I shared in the evening meeting on Discipleship. The word came with such strong conviction and power of the Holy Spirit. Brethren were again challenged to come out of being simply "believers" and "church members" to decide to follow Jesus as disciples. Like many other African places, Botswanian people can be very bound by culture.

The aspect of discipleship where Jesus told the man who wanted to first go bury his father, "Let the dead bury their own dead" Matthew 8:22, can be a big stumbling block. However, on that night, the grace of the Lord was available and the brethren saw the need to step out of culture into the kingdom of God way of life. All the brethren came forward to commit as disciples.


Prophet Katebe had arrived on the Monday and when he heard me share discipleship he was very moved. The next day he quickly arranged for us to go to another town, Selibe-Pikhwe, 150kms from Francistown. I shared on the Lord's Table in the morning at Francistown and then we travelled for a late lunch meeting in Selibe-Pikhwe. In the car as we were arriving we celebrated the Lord's Table purposefully and were praying in tongues much.

As we came to the venue, on short notice, a house full of pastors and leaders had gathered ready to hear the Word for 1 hour on their lunch break. Again, I shared on discipleship, making disciples and being disciples, coming out of "the way of this people" to follow Jesus, the Way Isaiah 8:11. Again, the Word was anointed and strong and doors have opened again into more places in Botswana, as well as a pastor who was there who was from North-West Province of South Africa.

Deliverance - demons must flee

The final night in Francistown I shared on Sonship, becoming the sons of God, inheriting the glory Hebrews 2:5-10. As I was laying hands on people who came forward to receive the Spirit of Sonship, two people brought a small old lady to the front where I was praying. As the small lady looked at me, she began to growl like a dog in a very deep masculine voice. Immediately Andrew and I began to rebuke the demon commanding it to get out of her in the name of Jesus.

After two minutes or so of doing this, the lady struggled and coughed out some disgusting bodily fluid from her mouth - the strong man left Matthew 12:29. She then breathed out a number of times - each time expelling a smaller demon. Finally I told her to call on Jesus name and speak His name. She did! She then looked at me and the glory was shining out of her face. She was so happy that she hugged me and started jumping up and down!

Fresh release of Holy Spirit and Power to bring church to maturity

"These signs shall follow those who believe: In My name they shall cast out demons..." Mark 16:17. It was awesome to see the demonstration of His Spirit and power in the midst of us, confirming the Word with accompanying signs 1 Corinthians 2:5, Mark 16:20. We have entered a new season in the apostolic where God is breathing afresh on the apostolic work, pouring out His Spirit now in the context of bringing His church to maturity, calling His church into the Feast of Tabernacles, to become sons!


ZAMBIA - March 2015

The following report is from Nicholas Jackson, who ministers as an apostle of Jesus Christ to the nations.

Laying foundations in Livingstone, Zambia

We had an amazing travel day from Francistown, Botswana, to Livingstone, Zambia. We passed through 300kms of national park where we saw elephants, giraffes, baboons, bush pigs and springboks. It was awesome to see God's handiwork. We crossed the mighty Zambeze river to come into Zambia and then on the border town, Prophet Katebe had organised to meet with a group and introduce the apostolic. They had been waiting for us for many hours and we laid the apostolic foundation there.

The Apostolic Foundation, working with a Prophet

Katebe knows his calling as a Prophet and he does definitely function as a prophet. The wonderful thing about Katebe is that as a Prophet, he sees the need for the apostolic ministry to help him properly lay the foundations. He has been in Livingstone for one and a half years, so the work is still new. He really wanted me to lay the apostolic foundation there so that the work of discipleship can be launched well.

During the time in Livingstone, we laboured on who is Jesus, discipleship and the foundations and growing to become sons of God. We also saw that God was being very prophetic sending a man named "David Livingstone" to open up Africa to the gospel. "David" being the name of the great King, the type of Messiah. "Livingstone" being Jesus the Livingstone bringing together many "livingstones" to build a spiritual house for Himself in Africa 1 Peter 2:4-5.

Baptisms - with power

On the last day in Livingstone, there were 18 people that were ready to be baptised after hearing the Word. AS we came to do the baptisms, one man had come on the invitation of a friend who was being baptised, and he asked if he could be baptised too. He gave his life to Jesus, was born again, and then within 10 minutes or so was baptised! Hallelujah!

This was probably the most powerful baptism I have been involved in. A number of brethren when they came up out of the water, came up expelling demons. We commanded them to leave and people were set free. Others came up out of the water filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues. Others came up out of the water and Katebe and I would have to hold them up as the weight of God's Presence came on them.

One person testified later to being healed at the baptism! Again, God was demonstrating His power, as we obey Jesus' commands in faith, we experience the reality! They all testified to being new creations! Foundations were laid in Livingstone!



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