West Africa


Apostle Udeme Eyeni of Oron, in Ibom State, continues actively in the apostolic ministry.

Kunle Oguntuase based in Lagos is working in his own ministry, but is doing Advanced Discipleship lessons with us and is sharing the apostolic doctrine with others.

Cyprian Tyodugh is also doing the online disciple course and is active in mission in various places in Nigeria.

Apostle and Mrs Kenneth based in Port Harcourt and exercise an apostolic ministry into various regions.

David Ogboko based in Abuja, faithfully teaches apostolic doctrine.

Elisha Babalola is studying Advanced Discipleship with us and disseminates apostolic teachings from his base in Abuja.

There are many other ministers in Nigeria who have received us and our teaching, and while communication is not regular, we know there are many in Nigeria who receive and teach the apostles doctrine.




Pastor Samuel from Benin came to meet us in Togo in 2013 and followed on with us to Ghana to receive more of the apostolic teaching. During that time he became aware of the call to be an apostle on his own life. Since then he has been teaching the apostles doctrine and keeping in contact.

Apostle Michael Adjei from Ghana has been able to visit Samuel in Benin, and in late 2014, Michael and an apostle from Nigeria, Udeme Eyeni, visited Benin together to minister with Samuel.
In April 2015 Michael Adjei has moved from Ghana to Benin to be a fulltime missionary apostle. He is working with Samuel.

Samuel already has a small base established. This is a very powerful move and we believe that Michael will be able to minister powerful powerfully as an apostle in Benin.


Yoshua Mohamed Bakarr, based in Freetown, is a faithful son and represents the apostolic very well. From time to time others contact us from Sierra Leone and we seek to put them in contact with Bakarr.


There are a number of brethren in Liberia who are our friends and sons in the apostolic.
Andrew Gardour, William Kettor, Harris Korboi,




January 2018

International Apostolic Training School

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Julio 2016

La Escuela Apostolica Internacional

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