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Who is Jesus


A foundational teaching on Jesus in His Life,Death and Resurrection

The Revelation of Jesus the Christ

A deeper teaching on who Jesus is from the book of Revelation

Seeing Jesus as He is

Coming to know the mystery of Christ in the midst of His Church

The Table of the Lord

Opening up the powerful reality of the Lord's Table from the Scriptures

Ministry of the Prophet in the New Testament

Some Scriptural notes explaining the Prophetic Ministry in the New Testament


SHILOH March Training Weekend 2017

March Community Weekend 2017


January 2017

Notes on all the teachings will be available soon!

International Apostolic Training School

*La Escuela Espanol*

Julio 2016

La Escuela Apostolica Internacional

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Reaching Australia

Watch Rob Cochrane, an apostle of Jesus Christ give testimony of his mission up in Northern Australia - January 2016!

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Aussies For Jesus

'The Great South Land
of the Holy Spirit