Training School Material

 Revival Ministries Australia has conducted many International apostolic Training Schools - twice yearly. During these Training Schools we have been blessed to record and publish the notes from each of teaching sessions. Because of the context in which these notes have been published, we strongly recommend that you watch the Training School sessions that go with each of the lessons first. The session notes in each of the manuals are done in note form and are better understood and received with the video sessions. However, once you have a good knowledge and understanding of the sessions you can then use these Training School manuals as a teaching aid in teaching others.

Below I have listed the Training School manuals (PDF) that you can download and have also given the link for the Training School on Youtube to watch with the session notes.

January 2023 Training School

The New Wine and the New Wineskin - PDF

Cover page download separately - PDF

YouTube Link

September 2022 Training School

A Door is Open - PDF

YouTube Link

January 2021 Training School

All Things New and Old - PDF

Cover page download separately - PDF

YouTube Link

September 2021 Training School

The Appearance of the Glory - PDF

YouTube Link

September 2020 Training School

A Living Hope Training School Manual - PDF

YouTube Link

January 2020 School Manual PDF
Growing Up in All Things  - YouTube

September 2019 School Manual PDF -

A Glorious Church Arising - YouTube

January 2019 School Manual PDF -

The Revelation of the Glory  - YouTube

September 2018 School Manual PDF-

The King, The Kingdom and Discipleship - YouTube

January 2018 School Manual PDF-

The Good Confession - YouTube